Warren Camacho

Warren Camacho LLP is a progressive dynamic Ottawa law firm founded by Ian Warren and Andrea Camacho in August of 2013. After practicing law separately for over 25 years, Ian as a sole practitioner and Andrea at a national law firm, this husband and wife team joined forces to create Warren Camacho LLP. With the assistance of their associates, Stephanie White, Philip Plante-Ajah and Rachel Braatz, clients have come to expect expert advice delivered in a cost effective manner. Warren Camacho LLP is committed to providing pragmatic solutions and personal service to each and every client.

Family Law

Cohabitation Agreements
Marriage Contracts
Separation Agreements
Child and Spousal Support
Property Division

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Civil / Commercial Litigation

Breach of Contract
Insurance Defense
Product Liability
Applications for Guardianship

Real Estate

Residential Home Purchases and Sales
New-Build Purchases
Land Severances
Commercial Property Purchases and Sales
Commercial Leasing
Telecommunication Tower Leasing
Mortgages and Refinancing
Survivorship and Transmission Applications
Transfers Pursuant to Separation Agreements

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Business and Corporate

Incorporation, Partnerships, and other business structures
Corporate Governance and Maintenance of corporate records
Shareholders’ and Partnership Agreements
Contract Preparation and Interpretation
Business Transactions (Asset Sales and Share Sales)
Commercial Financing
Trademark Protection
Not-For-Profit Incorporations and Governance

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Wills and Estates

Wills and Powers-of-Attorney
Succession and Estate Planning
Estate Administration
Passing of Accounts
Guardianship Applications
Trust Structures and Mechanisms

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Andrea R. Camacho

"In family law, I believe the most important skill is to have good judgment. This involves knowing when to use soft hands to close the deal and when to take the gloves off to fight for your client."

Ian H. Warren

"Listen carefully to the client, assess the legal issue, provide a range of practical solutions at an affordable price, and undertake and complete the assigned task in a timely manner."


Stephanie R. White

"Each file is unique and requires a solution tailored to the specific circumstances of that case. I take a pragmatic approach to each file and attempt to achieve a balance between each client's substantive rights, entitlements, and responsibilities with a cost-effective and timely resolution of the issues."

Philip Plante-Ajah

"My mission is to help you achieve your objective in the most timely and cost-effective way possible. I do this by focusing on your end goal without creating additional roadblocks."


Rachel F. H. Braatz

“As a dynamic and highly personal area of law, Family Law presents unique challenges. I believe that the fields of Psychology and Family Law involve the application of similar skill sets, factual analysis, and conflict resolution. As a Family Law lawyer, it is important to strike the appropriate balance between demonstrating empathy for your client while remaining objective, acting as a strong advocate, and keeping expectations realistic.”



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